Useful recommendations for improving your academic performance

Oh, it feels like the school year just started. You feel fresh and ready for further achievements. Nothing seems to interfere with your desire to be productive and become the best student among classmates. Unfortunately, we were all there and we know how it was short-lived

Students usually surrender after one or two months of work. Even though the bone is not the last reason, a huge number of jobs, stress tests, and personal problems for young people give them away. The weather also affects performance: at the end of autumn and winter, our body needs more time to rest. In all cases, there are many factors that may hinder success

That is why we have created a list of several tips on how to stay in fine tuning, regardless of the negative consequences

Walks and Physical Activity

The slit, dampness, and endless rain is obviously not the inspiration for long walks. However, the autumn has a very healthy side: roasted leaves, warm colours and the last rays of the sun calmed down and bring quiet joy in 8 of 10 people in accordance with recent research

Scientists recognize the positive impact of natural color schemes on the state of mind. In addition, autumn air in large cities is cleaner than summer, when high temperatures cause evaporation of toxic gases and substances

This is a priceless walk. Only 12 minutes of this physical activity increases self-confidence, ugliness, and energy, which is necessary for academic success. During the walk we see a life around us, which can be very inspirational for our mind

If you want to improve performance even further, include the exercises in your routine

Take a look at the 5th mental advantage of sports for your personality

  • Instantaneous upsurge of happiness because of his initials secretion of particular hormones
  • You’re rubbing your concentration in every muscle building. Thirty minutes three-five times a week is enough to improve your mind
  • Reduce stress and depression due to the production of endorphins
  • Better sleep habits improve the mood and improve the efficiency of the brain to learn and solve creative tasks
  • Self-esteem enhancement: you have increased the skills and attractiveness of your body. These factors have a positive impact on your confidence
  • Make your environment brighter

    A man is a day creature. Our bodies work best from dawn to dusk. With nightfall, the hormone called Melatonin stands out and contributes to a good sleeping pill. In addition, winter day in winter is decreasing, and we are facing a shortage of sunlight. To give yourself a large dose of light, explore the spacious room next to the big windows. Do not cover them with curtains; let the sun go in

    If you do not have the opportunity to sit in this room, use an artificial source called the milkman. It will also meet your demand in the sunlight for 30 minutes

    Eat healthy food and set a sleeping schedule

    Adequate nutrition is a key factor in life. No one will be productive and happy, suffering from some health problems. Eat 3-5 times a day-some experts say that the more the better, especially for people with a slow metabolism. Cook, with good quality proteins, healthy fats and natural carbohydrates. Vegetables, fruit, meat, beans and seafood are your friends, and fast food and other fat dishes are foam

    In cold moments, you can take food for soups and snakes. The dish helps the body to work in the winter and fill it with the necessary nutrients

    Normally, people need six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep for general well-being. Develop sleeping habits: sleep at the same time every night. It would be better if you had chosen a time from 21 to 24. Scientists proved that the quality of rest is the best during this period

    To make a better dream, follow these guidelines:

  • avoiding food for 3 to 4 hours before sleeping
  • training during the day, but not at night;
  • leave the electronic devices ready to rest
  • open the window-cold air will sleep further;
  • Well, keep your sleeping space: the bed and the pillow should be comfortable enough
  • Get in the box without a booth. It will take some time to establish a stable habit of sleeping

    I’ll introduce you to meditation techniques

    Meditation has long ceased to be a religious practice. This is now an effective method of relaxation and inspiration

    Let’ s debunking some of the outdated myths about meditation:

  • Meditation is not just “nothing to do”, it is a training that requires effort. You focused on a specific object, such as breathing, mental image, or something else
  • Meditation is not an escapism. Many successful people practice them here to achieve their goals here in real life
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time in this exercise. In the end, your mind will become increasingly organized, so you can afford to increase the time of meditation
  • This experience has nothing to do with the altered state of mind and the drug intoxication. If you don’t see it as a religious practice, you will not observe the vision, the levitation, the flames, and so on
  • The main methods of work are stationary (it is recommended to position the lotus or cross position) to make it direct and concentrate on your melon. Do not try to get rid of all thoughts, just observe them and return the focus to the original object (in this case, breathing). After the meditation session you will feel a relief in your mind and in a series of energy.

    Now, do this for the first time: observe the discipline and obey the advice mentioned above every day. Try using this mode for several months, and you will see the difference in performance